Cute Critters? Not When There Are Squirrels in the Attic!

The first sign of having squirrels in the attic is often a persistent scratching or scampering noise as the squirrels come and go. They will spend much of the day looking for food, and returning to their nest. Having squirrels in the attic is a problem because of their tendency to chew on wires, boards, insulation, cardboard – pretty much anything they can access in the attic. They will also use the softer substances to build nests in the attic. In the spring and fall, female squirrels often build nests in attics because it’s a safe and dry place to bear their young. They like to pull apart insulation and cardboard to build a cozy nest for their babies, which they usually situate close to their entry point. A nest full of baby squirrels makes their eviction a bit complicated. Give Squirrels an Eviction Notice The only way to be sure that all of the squirrels in the attic have been safely removed is to hire a professional pest control company. Let the experts work their magic to en

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