3 Wildlife Removal Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Homeowners tend to underestimate how difficult wildlife removal can be. Some species, like squirrels and raccoons, are cleverer than you think. There are few things more humbling than being thwarted by a rodent. Many of the pest control products available at hardware stores are ineffective, and it’s easy to use them incorrectly. These failed attempts can make it more difficult for a professional pest control company to handle the problem later. Here are three common wildlife removal mistakes, and how you can avoid them. Many homeowners tend to wait until they see an animal leave the house, and then they seal off the entry point. This can be a huge mistake because there could be baby raccoons, or an entire colony of bats still hiding inside, and now they can’t get out. A nest full of dead baby raccoons creates a bigger, smellier problem for you. Live animals are always much easier to remove than dead ones, so don’t rush to seal a hole until you know that all of the critters are o


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