Expert Advice on Rodent Control Services for the Average Homeowner

Rodent control services are probably the most common cause for homeowners to call in a pest control company. Rats and mice are everywhere, always looking for a warm and safe place to build a nest. If a food source is close by, mice and rats are more tempted to move in. Who can blame them for settling into homes that offer shelter and quick access to a pantry full of food? Here are top tips from the rodent control services professionals to keep your home rodent-free. Prevention is the first step in successful rodent control. If there is not a good reason for them to enter your home, then they won’t bother. This means that your pantry should be set up to keep grains, cereals, and the like inaccessible to pests. Store dry goods in plastic, glass, or metal containers. Keep crumbs and scraps off counters and floors. Use a garbage can with a lid. Empty your garbage and recycling cans often. Promptly repair leaky pipes. Don’t allow pet food dishes to sit out all day long. Carefully inspe

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