Does Bat Removal Services Give You the Creeps? Here Are Some Tips

Bats can occasionally find a way into our homes, but dealing with a single rogue bat is probably not cause to seek professional bat removal services. Keep in mind that bats are beneficial creatures because they eat a lot of bugs when they go out hunting at night. Therefore, it is best to catch and release the bat outside if it’s possible. With a few common household objects and some basic precautions, you can safely release the bat outside on your own. Here are eight easy steps to help you quickly and humanely remove your visiting bat: Stay calm. Wear leather gloves or oven mitts. Bats can carry diseases, including rabies, so you want to avoid being bitten. Open a door or window in case the bat takes flight in search of an exit. Wait for the bat to land. If the bat lands on a flat surface, gently toss a small towel over it, then carefully scoop up the bat in the towel and release it outside. Place it on the ground or a tree; do not toss it out the window. If the bat comes to rest on

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