Getting the Most Out of Your Dollar: Breaking Down Basic Home Pest Control Products

It can be extremely tempting to shop the basic home pest control products at your local store when you find evidence of pests in your home. America is full of DIY types of people, and the tendency is understandable. If you must go it alone, please take heed that there are a lot of bad products on your hardware store shelves. Here is a list of the worst basic home pest control products on the market, and why you shouldn’t bother with them. Snake repellent There is a big difference between the snake repellent products you can buy, and the ones that are available to pest control professionals. Instead of trying snake spray yourself, a physical barrier, such as a solid wood or fine-mesh fence, is often an effective DIY option for excluding snakes from your yard. But if that isn’t feasible or has already failed you, a professional can combine snake repellent applications and trapping methods to help rid your property of unwanted snakes. More often than not, one of the best ways to redu

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