Getting the Most Out of Your Dollar: Breaking Down Basic Home Pest Control Products

When you find evidence of pests in your home, it can be extremely tempting to shop the basic home pest control products at your local store. America is full of do-it-yourselfers, and the tendency is understandable but do yourself a favor and read this quick post before you dive in on your own. If you must go it alone, please keep in mind that there are a lot of bad products on the hardware store shelves. Here is a list of the worst home pest control products on the market, and why you shouldn’t bother with them. Snake repellent spray It simply doesn’t work. There is no product in existence that will keep snakes away from your property or home. A physical barrier, such as a solid wood or fine-mesh fence, is your only feasible option for excluding snakes from your yard. Mouse and rat poison Sure, each rat or mouse that ingests some of the poison you set out will probably die. But not every mouse in the nest will find the bait you set out. Using this method of rodent control will pro


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