New House? What You Need to Know About General Pest Control Services

If you have just moved into a new home, you might already need general pest control services. It can be frustrating and disappointing to discover that pests have already taken up residence in a brand new home, but it is extremely common. During the construction phase, insects living under or near the home site are disturbed by all the commotion. It’s easy for bugs and critters to find their way inside walls, up to the attic, or to the basement. Then the home construction is completed, and the pests are sealed into the home. It can be quite the welcoming committee! Not exactly what you had in mind when dreaming of your new home. Step One: An Inspection Your new home’s general pest control service should start with a thorough inspection to identify all of the invaders that need to be dealt with. From attic to basement, inside your walls, and under the floorboards all of these spaces could already be home to some unwelcome tenants. Your general pest control professional should bring


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