Four Secret Techniques for Scorpion Pest Control

Pest control technicians see a lot of creepy critters in the homes they visit, but few pests make your skin crawl quite like a scorpion. Maybe it’s because they look like the love child of a lobster and a spider. Maybe it’s the anticipation of their painful sting. Whatever causes their high creep factor, scorpion pest control is in demand because people want them out of their house immediately. Here in Georgia, we have two native scorpion species: the Striped Scorpion which has stripes on its back, as you can imagine and the Devil Scorpion, which is a uniform dark brown color. A third species, the Florida Bark Scorpion, is slowly making its way into southern Georgia. This species is almost black, and is much larger than the other two species. Now that you have an idea of the species of scorpion you have spotted in your home, here are secret scorpion pest control techniques for you to keep in mind. Scorpions are nocturnal and tend to hide in cool burrows or under rocks during the d


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