Bat in Your Belfry? How to Know if You Need Bat Control Services

Bat control services is a sensitive subject for many people, because it is widely understood that bats are beneficial animals. North American bat species are voracious insect eaters and help control the populations of many annoying bugs, including mosquitoes, flies, and more. In fact, lots of homeowners install bat houses on their property to encourage these insectivores to stick around and feast on bugs around their home. However, nobody wants bats living in their house. Most homeowners would prefer to have bats relocated from their home, rather than have the bats exterminated. But how can you really tell if you are in need of bat control services? Here are four strong indications that bats have taken up residence in your home: You hear scratching, scurrying, chattering, or squeaking in your ceiling or walls. You spot bat droppings (guano) in your attic or around the perimeter of your home. Guano is tiny pellets similar to mouse droppings, but they usually crumble when touched. You m

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