Skipping Termite Treatments, is it Risky?

Scheduling termite treatments might seem like a hassle, and it can create a financial burden for some families, too. After all, if you can’t actually see any damages to your home that are caused by termites, what is there to worry about? North Fulton Pest Solutions encourages you to stop and think about the possible consequences of skipping termite treatments. Let’s take a moment to examine the potential risks associated with skipping termite treatments. If you can’t see evidence of termites at your home with the naked eye, it’s very tempting to assume that you don’t have a termite problem. However, even an experienced and trained professional with high-tech equipment can only visually inspect 20-30% of your home for termites. That means that the vast majority of the structure cannot be seen that provides a lot of hiding spots for termite colonies. But the experts know other ways to find “hidden” termite colonies, so if your termite professional says you have termites, i

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