The 6 Biggest Myths About Environmental Pest Control Debunked

Humans have been taking environmental pest control into their own hands for centuries. Keeping rodents out of the food supply meant there was more food for humans to consume and, although it wasn’t understood yet, it kept people from contracting deadly diseases, such as the plague. People even created dog breeds that were meant specifically for killing rodents that ventured into granaries. Today, it is still important to keep rodents away from our food supply for the very same reasons. Here is the truth about six commonly-held myths regarding environmental pest control. Myth #1: Cheese is the best mouse bait. Fact: By and large, the environmental pest control professionals prefer peanut butter, meat, or even chocolate over cheese for baiting rodent traps. Myth #2: Rodents constantly chew in order to grind down their teeth. Fact: Rodents grind their top and bottom teeth together in order to sharpen them. They only chew on materials in your home to create or widen pathways, or build n

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