4 Ways Pest Control and Ants Go Together in the Summer

Pest control for ants is one of the most frequent calls that pest control companies receive. Ants are a perennial nuisance for people in every region of the United States. The arrival of warm weather in the spring usually marks the beginning of “ant season” for pest control companies, as people start noticing trails of ants streaming across their floors and counters. Here are four reasons why summer and pest control and ants go hand in hand. 1.  Ants hibernate during the cool winter months. In the spring they become active again and venture out to seek food. Springtime is also when people usually start opening up their doors and windows to air out their homes. Ants can squeeze through extremely tiny cracks, but open doors and windows make it very easy for ants to find their way inside. 2.  Ants are everywhere, and they are always searching for new food sources. When they find a way into your home and locate accessible food inside, they lay down a pheromone trail that the entire


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